Reading List: Slack Valued at $2.8 Billion After Funding Round

By Zach Hurwitz hurwitz, Reading_List

By Zach Hurwitz

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Financial Times‘ “Slack Valued at $2.8 Billion”

Full disclosure: we at Sang Lucci use the shit out of Slack.

It’s lightweight but substantive.  Simultaneously both reliable and fast.  Where was Slack when I was trying to do group projects with unaccountable douchebags *fellow Economics undergraduates at Tufts?  It was nowhere to be found; but that’s ok — it’s currently worth nearly $3bn and Slack’s user acquisition curve qualifies as startup-porn.

Slack’s earlier investment round valued it just north of $1bn.  Less than six months later, it’s worth nearly $3bn. Not too shabby.

On the surface, it’s a basic messaging app for small-team communication.  But Stewart Butterfield, Slack CEO (and Flickr co-founder) realized early on the need for better integration with companies’ existing apps, tying in a bevy of features through integration rather than replication.  Simply put, Slack lets other services — through clever integration, seamless even for a luddite like myself — do the heavy lifting.  The organized messaging (individual and group) alongside file-sharing and reliable search, does the rest.

Do 750,000 daily Slack’ers justify $3,700+ of value per user?  Apparently.

Slack’s team has grown from a mere sixteen people to more than 100 in one mere calendar year.  Scientists are using it at the South Pole (at a legitimate neutrino observatory, whateverthehellthatis) and at art schools likely more sophisticated than most high schools.  Seriously, how have you not heard of Slack before?

Actual picture of my inbox.  I told you we use the shit out of Slack.

Read Slack Valued at $2.8 Billion

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