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Our mission is to make you into an independently successful trader by teaching you much more than a single strategy.

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The Difference Between Profit and Loss: 360° of Knowledge

We don’t believe in teaching a single strategy;
we teach dozens of them.

The markets change everyday, and what works for one trader does not work for the next. Over the course of teaching 1000+ students, we’ve discovered that a real trading education requires a deep understanding of how the markets work, constant awareness of new innovations, and most importantly, a mastery of one’s self.


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We empower traders by teaching them a 360° understanding of the markets. It’s not about learning just one strategy; it’s about trading for the rest of your life in a way that works for you.


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The Sang Lucci Community is at the core of everything we do. In the solitary game of trading, there’s no substitute for a tribe of well-informed, like-minded individuals.

Word on the street

“I think the problem that Sang Lucci solves is threefold: for those looking to play the financial markets, Sang Lucci offers an “eyes wide open” approach to understanding what you’re getting into and setting you up for a better than reasonable chance to succeed.

Second, you guys have compiled a great team whether it be partners like Charlie and Bryan who bring both the psychological and probabilities perspective (of a market maker) or seasoned “home gamers” like Denny Crane, Fitch, Silver Fin, Mustped, Q (the list could go on) to complement Lucci’s raw gut instincts approach so that not only do people get a taste of all the different ways one can approach the markets, but the exposure to all of these different perspectives can really be invaluable to someone as they try to formulate a thesis for whether or not to make a certain trade.

And third, Lucci’s track record obviously speaks for itself; but beyond that, he shows by example the personality and spirit it takes to even have a chance in these markets. He combines a “never say die” attitude with a no bullshit approach of penetrating simplicity that only a trader would appreciate.

Most of all, he shows his very human emotions while he is in a trade (whether it is going right or horribly wrong) and regardless of outcome, he can come back the next day (or sometimes week if it’s really bad) and be just as curious and have just as much fun resuming the solving of the puzzle that is the market.”

– Student of the markets –