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13 years

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Sanglucci.com has been leveling the playing field by bringing professional-grade tools and tactics to independent traders since 2010.

We’re outsiders. None of us ever fit into traditional molds — because we lack Ivy League credentials, challenge authority, or simply see the world differently than the mainstream.

We’ve got a screw loose. You’d have to be crazy to think that you can overcome impossible odds and win. That’s the challenge we face everyday. And we love it.

We’re transparent. We know the online trading world is 95% bullshit, and we combat it with transparency. Our educators show their PnL’s to the public, embodying the commitment to honesty that we teach our members to cultivate in themselves.

We’re cockroaches. Every one of us has been stomped on by trading, and life, multiple times before. We’ve been hit so hard that even we doubted whether we could get back up. But we always do.

We’ve got experience. Our leading educators — Sang Lucci, Wall St. Jesus, and Ron Friedman — bring over 60 years of trading to the table. They’ve weathered storms and seen every market environment under the sun, refining their edge through it all.

If you’re an equities, options, or futures trader ready to level up your game, we invite you to join us.