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Founded in 2010, Sanglucci.com has evolved into one of the most respected names in the education of part-time and professional traders.

Our courses provide an unparalleled depth of knowledge via access to top industry professionals hand selected for their commitment to transparency and exceptional, sustainable trading. We’ve trained over 1000 traders, many of whom still trade with us everyday in our chat room.

Our daily articles and videos investigate topics ranging from trading psychology to automated trading, equities and options markets to high frequency treasury futures, and nearly everything in-between. Some of our writers are young traders offering newcomers the chance to learn from their mistakes and relate to their experiences. Other content creators are the most elite of elite. As long as you’re saying something that can improve the life of a trader, your voice is welcome on Sanglucci.com.

Most importantly, the Sang Lucci community has grown from a few traders speaking via Skype to a robust network with members across the world. We come from all walks of life and levels of success. We’re brought together by the benefits of working with one another: knowledge, mentorship, and camaraderie.

The mission of Sang Lucci is to empower. It’s one thing to teach a student to execute a strategy; it’s another thing to empower her to make adjustments that uniquely fit her account size, experience, and temperament. Independent trading does not come easily, but for those willing to put in the work to master themselves and the markets, the rewards are infinite.

Meet the Team

Anand Sanghvi

Founder & Head Trader

Anand Sanghvi, aka “Lucci”, is the founder and head trader at Sanglucci.com. Anand has successfully traded equities and options since 2006. He launched his first hedge fund, Sang Lucci Capital Partners, LP, in 2012.

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Charlie Bathgate

Partner & CEO

Charlie Bathgate is the man behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. He’s also the resident psychology fanatic. He graduated from Duke University in 2009 with degrees in English and Business.

Follow Charlie on Twitter: @charliebgate

Bryan Wiener

Quantitative Options Specialist

Bryan Wiener graduated from Georgetown University in 2000, whereupon he began his trading career on the floor of the CME in the S&P 500 Options Pit. After the floor Bryan earned a Masters in Financial Mathematics at the University of Chicago in 2008. He joined Haim Bodek’s Trading Machines upon graduation.

Follow Bryan on Twitter: @DirtyAutomatik

Dr. Georgios Diamantopoulos

Lead Developer

Georgios has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK. He currently oversees implementation of grey and black box strategies and assists in website optimization. He is the founder of Code for Greece, a non-profit focused on the cultivation of young developers in his home country.

Spencer Riegle

Member Support Specialist

Spencer graduated from Michigan State University and soon after joined Sang Lucci full-time. He supports all of our day-to-day operations while trading his own account. He’s a graduate of the Sang Lucci Master Course and an avid Tape Reader.

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