From Morning Mayhem To Afternoon Delight

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By Sang Lucci

Sometimes in the stock market you just have to feel it out. You have to test theories out and quickly change sides or be able to scrap the whole plan and go back to square one. This morning was one of those days. As I scanned through possibilities this morning I sensed weakness in the financials but strength in Goldman Sachs(GS). My trades didn’t work but BECAUSE they didn’t work, I was able to advise my young protege of a monster trade on the horizons. As a result, NellyNandes account is now up 160% since we started!

Here’s the chart!

So after GS took off on solid volume I advised Nelly to hop in the $160 October 22nd Calls at $.80. Unfortunately, with options they tend to move EXtremely quickly so he couldn’t get in until about $1.00. Instead of placing a market order he was trying to get a certain price by using limit order which most of the times in options is not easy. After getting in, the stock went to about $159 which was good enough for us to sell around $1.60 a contract. Selling a winner is also a difficult task. Because there’s always that guilt if you sell your position and the stock goes further in your direction. Nelly has a lot to learn, but he’ll figure it out pretty damn soon with Lucci behind his shoulder!

P&L: $-341
Contracts Traded: 100
Sanglucci Acct: $1093.47

P&L: $783
Contracts Traded: 32
NellyNandes Acct: $2637.98

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