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Online Payments

  • Live Tape Reading Sessions during market hours
  • Live Prep & Review sessions for hunting the biggest trades
  • Over 75 course modules and in-depth online lectures available 24/7
  • Two months access to Sang Lucci Chat Room w/ Wall St. Jesus
  • 80+ page Course Guide complete with examples, graphics, and definitions
  • Access to On-Demand Archive for trade dissections
  • Full Team Support from the entire Sang Lucci team
  • Much more, exclusive to Sang Lucci Method students!

NOTE: If you have any issues placing your order, please call: 630-551-8058. Our staff is extremely friendly and would love to take care of you.

Sang Lucci has taught me how the market really works, and all the manipulation involved, which has greatly helped my P&L and prevented me from blowing my account in chop environments. Learning to read the tape has made me see the moves before they start to happen, which is great for an options trader!