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Clear Mind Trading

Emotional Discipline for the Committed Trader

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Trading is an emotional endeavor

If you’ve ever clicked the mouse and felt your pulse race, your jaw clench, or your stomach drop, you know this fundamental truth.

The majority of traders spend most of their time getting in their own way. Bad habits and lack of emotional control leave them with busted trades and a lot of unnecessary misery.

Many avoid looking inwards for as long as possible. Instead of facing their emotional baggage and biases, they chase new strategies and any shiny new indicator that justifies their avoidance. Most will do this for their whole careers.

But a select few realize that the clarity of their decision-making process and depth of emotional discipline determines the outcome of every single trade they make. For these people, the goal is simple: trade with a clear mind. See things as they are and execute accordingly — nothing more, nothing less.

That’s why we’re here.

In clear mind trading, you will learn

  • How to manage powerful emotions like fear, FOMO, and anxiety
  • The best way to react to and learn from losses AND big gains
  • Methods of neurological and biological regulation that can make challenging emotions easier to manage
  • Practical ways to increase your stress resilience
  • Best practices for managing the impact of your trading results on your personal relationships
  • How market participants feed on your negative emotions, and what to do about it
  • Productive ways to avoid the most common biases that trap traders
  • Established processes for generating self-awareness and engaging in self-inquiry
  • How to uncover and uproot emotional thought processes that are sabotaging your trading


you will Develop


Emotional Discipline

Stress Toleranace

Mental Resilience

Productive Habits

Impulse Control

Clear Mind Trading includes:

10 Live instructional classes

Review any time

Learn from our team. Our subject matter experts teach you in 60-90 minutes classes. Recordings available 24/7.

2 q&a sessions

Open it up

Ask your questions directly and learn from the experiences of other course members who have fought similar battles.

Lifetime Access

Once you’re in, you’re in

Your course purchase secures you lifetime access to the course material.

Live classes begin January 23RD at 7:30pm ET!

meet your coaches

Chris Cady

Chris got his start trading markets in 1980 from Walter Frank Sr., then chairman of the NYSE.
In 1984 he became a student of Victor Sperandeo, aka "Trader Vic" of Market Wizards fame, and in 1991 became a student of Peter Steidlmayer, creator of the Market Profile.

He has been a member of both New York and Chicago exchanges for over 30 years, spent 5 years training new traders for Goldman Sachs, and has had a front row seat during the market’s transition from floor to electronic trading.

Chris was also one of a select group of “westerners” chosen by a school of Tibetan lamas to undergo a fourteen year, Buddhist meditation and personal development training.

Chris is currently an independent, professional trader on the CME.

PEter McEwen

Peter McEwen wants you to be less busy. He is often uncomfortable, and that’s perfect.

Peter’s focus is to provide instruction and support for practitioners that are balancing the dizzying array of work and family commitments that modern life demands. Peter is a futures trader and is a devotee of the trading philosophies espoused by Brian Shannon, Wall St Jesus, and Steve Hammer.

Over the past 3 years of trading markets, I began to see an opportunity to apply Buddhist meditation and the insights of contemporary neurology to structure a discipline of emotional regulation that supports resilience and connection to inner resource.

Peter has collaborated with the staff of Sang Lucci to construct a step by step discipline that synthesizes mindfulness practice, breath work, and neurological interventions that improve our capacity to emotionally regulate ourselves when we are confronted with overwhelming intensity.

Sang Lucci

Anand Sanghvi, aka “Lucci”, is the founder and Head Trader of

After nearly losing his mind in the corporate world, Anand began trading at PTG Capital in 2006. He spent his first 18 months learning Tape Reading and options trading before becoming profitable.

Soon, Anand felt the need to call out the daily price manipulation and common misunderstandings he rarely saw addressed publicly by qualified professionals.

In 2010, he launched

Anand quickly discovered his passion for teaching the tactics and principles that led to his own success.

Since then, Anand has led in educating thousands of traders about Tape Reading, equities and options trading, and trading psychology.

Charlie BAthgate

Charlie is the CEO of Sang Lucci Trading, where he oversees the development of all trading education and trader development programs. In this capacity, he has worked with hundreds of traders to help them improve their trading performance.

Charlie has also provided one-on-one coaching for traders from diverse backgrounds on how to manage their emotions, reduce self-sabotage, and develop greater self-awareness. In addition to focusing on increasing positive trading results, Charlie also helps traders understand and evolve their relationship to their trading in order to achieve broader life goals.

Charlie is a long-time practitioner of Buddhism and daily meditation practices as well as a relentless self-experimenter in the areas of biohacking and self-development. He is a graduate of Duke University and is in his third year of a Masters in Counseling Psychology program at The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. You can listen to him on podcast interviews on Chat with Traders and Quoth the Raven.

You can’t escape Your mind

The trader who accepts this will always beat the trader who doesn’t.

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