The Shake Out: Pink Panther Edition

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By Sang Lucci

Folks, before I get into todays activities I’m going to bore you with a little stock market banter. Now, try to pay attention…

In the short term when you trade the U.S. markets there exists everywhere in every stock what we call market manipulators. These are large traders and/or market makers who basically control the activity by pushing traders like myself in and out of the stock. We’ll make reference to these guys as…

The pink panthers…

Now the pink panthers know how traders think and react to stock price movement. They know how emotional traders are, they even know what kind of shits traders take. Imagine if you knew this information. What would you do with it? Would you help the traders? Or would you make them squirm and pull out all their hair. The pink panther would most likely choose the latter…

In the morning as usual, I had great stock selection. I picked two moves that happened today as I expected. Both NellyNandes and I got in to them but we made no money. Why is that?

Because the pink panthers shook our asses out!

So the first move came in First Solar (FSLR)

If you take a look at the chart I wanted to buy on a breakout of $145 as I did and I bought the $160 November Call. So I figured I can sell this thing at 148 or 150 BUT before that happened, he had a huge ‘shakeout’ and I sold my calls at the absolute BOTTOM of the dip. The pink panther took me for a ride and he KNEW I’d sell there. He then starting laughing uncontrollably when he took the stock all the way up to where I WANTED to sell!! You’ll get no love from the pink panthers so don’t expect any!

The second move was in Baidu (BIDU)

For the past couple days BIDU has been holding the $100 level and couldn’t sell off really below that. So I figured soon we’d get a push higher and surely enough today was the day to get long. So I had NellyNandes get in this trade at around $102. Pink panthers caused a quick sell off, where we covered for a small loss of course, and then proceeded to laugh all the way to the bank as the stock rose to $105.

Never trust a pink panther folks…

P&L: $-62.50
Contracts Traded: 8
Sanglucci Acct: $1434.60

P&L: $-210
Contracts Traded: 8
NellyNandes Acct: $1854.78

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