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Sneak Peek to Members Only Webinar: Lucci and Wall St. Jesus Discuss Executing AAPL Flow Trade

Live Tape Reading Series:
Part 1
Live Tape Reading Series:
Part 2
Live Tape Reading Series:
Part 3
Live Tape Reading Series: GOOGL Trade Example
Live Tape Reading Series: GPRO Short Example

In this video Lucci gives you a live dictation while short GPRO weekly puts. He covers some of the most important parts of managing a trade like this, including how to trade between large spreads, understanding the significance of size on bids and offers, why market makers widen quotes when they are watching flow, what happens when sending orders into a book that’s being adjusted by market makers, and the impact of joiner algos.

Pattern Day Trading Rule

Lucci discusses the pattern day trade rule: what it is, who it affects, and some ways to get around it.

Prof. Ann-Christina Lange w/ Sang Lucci’s Anand Sanghvi and Ezra Rapoport on Market Psychology

Professor Lange’s PhD is in economic sociology. Her interview with Lucci and our Head of Automated Strategy Development, Ezra Rapoport, covers a wide array of topics, including how machines learn and capitalize on human psychological tendencies, how human traders have learned to capitalize on automated strategies, the impact of automated strategies on the markets, and the future of humans using automation in their trading.

Spotting Manipulation with Tape Reading

One of the first realizations any trader has when she starts reading the tape is how often she fell into traps created by market makers and other traders. There’s no shortage of actors in the market that are incentivized to fake you out, trigger your stops, and push you around to shake you out of a profitable trade. One of the best ways to take the fight to them is by arming yourself with the best information: the tape.

Trading with Fear: The Most Common Trading Fears and How to Manange Them

Every trader has an intimate relationship with fear. Some conquer it, some ignore it, and some are destroyed by it. There’s no single method for managing the fear that comes along with your trading, but there are strategies that work to bring fear under your control.

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