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Your comprehensive education in the trading methods of Sang Lucci and Wall St. Jesus.

Want an SLMC student's class-by-class review of what he learned? Take a look.

Your Trading is About to Change in Three Major Ways:

  • Connector.

    You'll see the markets through the eyes of Wall St. Jesus and Sang Lucci...

    through the eyes of a master. Our students suddenly find themselves anticipating instead of reacting, predicting instead of guessing, and trading with drastically more confidence as a result.

  • Connector.

    You'll learn advanced equity and options strategies that will allow you to better capitalize and manage risk...

    around the moves you now see with so much more clarity. Armed with strategies for every account size, timeframe, and risk appetite, you’ll be ready to attack any market condition.

  • Connector.

    You'll get out of your own way!

    Once you know what to do, the only thing that can stop you is yourself. Our no BS approach to trading psychology shows you how you’re sabotaging yourself, and how to stop.

You Will Learn:

1 Professional Equities and Options Trading

  • Utilize tactics for all market conditions, time horizons, and income goals.
  • Learn advanced methods for risk management, equities and options combo plays, and specific strategies focusing on elements like vol and time decay.

2 Flow Trading

  • Transform "Wiseguy Activity" into your source of Alpha.
  • Ride the momentum created by institutions instead of getting crushed by it!

3 Tape Reading

  • Integrate the most advanced form of momentum analysis into your trading.
  • Find confirmation not just on what to trade, but also HOW and WHEN to trade it.

4 Trading Psychology

  • Master the most difficult part of trading: controlling your own mind.
  • Understand yourself as a trader and how to overcome the challenges unique to your personality, risk appetite, account size, and experience.

MASTER COURSE BONUS Lucci's Options Writing Strategy.

  • Use institutional options selling strategies to put the probabilities in your favor.
  • Turn the source of your losses into a tool for generating profits in multiple market conditions.

The Sang Lucci Master Course Includes:

12 Live Classes
(3 nights per week)

In-depth education taught live by Lucci himself. Learn directly from the Founder and Head Trader of!

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4 Live Trading Sessions
Pull up a seat next to Lucci

See what Lucci sees and listen to his live analysis and education during actual market hours. There’s no better way to learn what he does and how you can customize it to your trading.

Plus, these Sang Lucci and Wall St. Jesus staples…

Introduction to Options
A foundation for the rest of your life

The basics of what you need to know to trade options effectively, including topics like:

  • Basics definitions (call, put, strike price, etc.)
  • Short selling
  • Reading an options chain
  • Sang Lucci’s equation for pricing an option
  • Weeklies vs. monthlies

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Wiseguys Revealed
Learn the art of flow trading from Wall St. Jesus himself

This in-depth video series covers everything you need to know to effectively trade based on flow, including:

  • Flow basics and misperceptions
  • Using options order flow as a form of alpha generation
  • Sweep flow strategies
  • The Sentiment Read
  • The Wall St. Jesus Commandments for Day Trading and Swing Trading

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One free month of
“The Steamroom”
The best community, data, and professionals in one place

Our custom built interface puts you side by side with Wall St. Jesus, Sang Lucci, and our incredible community alongside proprietary features like:

  • Built-in proprietary “Wiseguy” feed
  • Desktop and mobile access
  • Real-time charting and data
  • Daily pre-market prep sessions
  • Audio and video broadcasts with live market analysis

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  • Student Testimonial

    What really strikes you about the Master Course is how Lucci cuts through a lot of the fog around pricing an option and how to read market sentiment.

    What is really impactful is learning how to read tape in order to come up with a practical, common sense approach to trading. Rather than putting my faith in indicators I’m now able to feel the pulse of the action around a particular play. This has boosted my confidence tremendously in timing the market as well as in reducing the interference of my emotional attachment to a stock.

    I’d recommend the SLMC to anyone who has the sneaking suspicion that your other investment education providers have not been telling the truth about what it takes to be successful in trading! Lucci’s candor is refreshing. His willingness to share his own mistakes gives you assurance that you are getting the real deal.

    LeRoy T

  • Student Testimonial

    Learning to read tape is the biggest, single, most important skill a trader can have. Once it clicked, it was like I found the Holy freaking Grail. All of a sudden my mind was able to let go of every stupid bias I have created over the years. I’m able to see things about to happen and execute. It doesn’t mean I am always right, but I know what I am supposed to do. Then I do it.

    R. Friedman, SLMC Student

  • Student Testimonial

    It is FANTASTIC! Loved it… bought it yesterday, and am almost through it — still have a bit of module 4 on trading psychology to watch… hopefully sometime during this week, but definitely next weekend I should be all the way through it… it’s so hard to find interesting classes to take (most are painfully boring) — I am very happy with the course!

    Scott B.

  • Student Testimonial

    This is the edge I’ve been looking for. Wiseguys Revealed helped me cut down the learning curve based on the way I trade. Only my second week in the room, but my trading has paid the cost and then some. Thanks for the help.

    Ron F.

  • Student Testimonial

    I’m impressed with the functionality of the site and the way the bs in the chat is kept to a minimum. I think Jesus’ commentary throughout the day and the insight he provides is very helpful by giving a good perspective based on his experience. Good job by all involved.

    Steamroom Subscriber

Ready to Acquire Trading Mastery?


    Topic #1
    Tape Reading

  1. Definition of Tape Reading

  2. Level II

  3. Time and Sales

  4. Bid and Ask as Related to Tape Reading

  5. Refreshing Orders

  6. Exchanges and Routes

  7. Dark Pools

  8. Tape/Price Manipulation Techniques

  9. Scanning and Analyzing Large Order Transactions

  10. Fakeouts

  11. Timing: Having The Touch and Timing with the Markets

  12. Combining Flow Trading and Wiseguy Activity

  13. Trading against the machine: spotting algo activity and leveraging it to your advantage

  14. Topic #2

  15. Basic definitions (call, put, strike price, reading an options chain, etc)

  16. Auction process

  17. Short selling

  18. Price action

  19. Supply & demand dynamics

  20. Sang Lucci’s equation for pricing an option

  21. The underlying stock

  22. Time decay

  23. Volatility

  24. Puts vs. short-selling

  25. In the money vs. out of the money

  26. Weeklies vs. monthlies

  27. Scalping

  28. Day Trading

  29. Swing Trading

  30. Identifying and trading chop markets

  31. Identifying and trading trending markets

  32. Sentiment

  33. Topic #3
    Trading Psychology

  34. Preventing over-trading

  35. Manage your losses AND your winners

  36. Spotting fakeouts

  37. Maintaining confidence

  38. Avoiding distractions

  39. Adjusting to changing market regimes

  40. Bouncing back from major losses

  41. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses

  42. Defending against types of manipulation

  43. Topic #4
    Bringing it all together

  44. Combining everything you've learned into a cohesive strategy customized to YOU

Lucci’s Options Writing Strategy

    The Casino makes money by being the oddsmaker for the masses. That’s what institutional options traders and market makers are: the Casino.

    It’s time to step into their shoes. In this never-before taught class, you will learn:

  • How to sell cheap call/put spreads for premium gains and a high likelihood that the strikes will not hit by expiration.
  • Why betting on where a stock will NOT go is much easier than betting on where a stock WILL go.
  • How to avoid the complicated issues of timing related to options that hinder most traders.
  • How to position your trades around stock ‘breakouts’ and ‘breakdowns’.
  • And much, much more.

Anand Sanghvi

Anand Sanghvi, aka “Lucci”, is the founder and Head Trader of After nearly losing his mind in the corporate world, Anand began trading at PTG Capital in 2006. He spent his first 18 months learning Tape Reading and options trading before becoming profitable.  Soon, Anand felt the need to call out the daily price manipulation and common misunderstandings he rarely saw addressed publicly by qualified professionals. In 2010, he launched Anand quickly discovered his passion for teaching the tactics and principles that led to his own success. Since then, Anand has led in educating thousands of traders about Tape Reading, equities and options trading, and trading psychology.

Son of the Market Gods, Lord of Wiseguy Activity, King of the sharp sweep…Wall St. Jesus has over 25 years experience trading the markets. He left the sellside in 2014 to focus on his own trading and the launch of He is a pioneer in the Flow trading space, having been the first to coin a number of terms (including “sweep”). Wall St. Jesus’ trading community can attest to the fact that no one has done more to bring the power of flow trading and its nuances out of the realm of elite institutions and into the hands of the public. He resides in Westhampton, NY with his family and a countless number of dogs. 

Wall St. Jesus

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A Few Words from Our Students

OK. Hanging with the smart guys is very cool. Imagine the gift of suddenly understanding how to "see" the market...being in a place to confront your monsters (fear, lack of confidence, confusion.)... Options are money and understanding them and facing your own limits (financial, emotional, personal risk profile) is absolutely gleeful.

It's immediate and fabulous. Step by step, understanding trading and your own place in it.

Your method helps clarify the already complicated market, in other words your method simplifies it. Its a strategy that lets you see what’s gonna happen as opposed to what has already happened. You have a relaxed easy going atmosphere and show no frustration to us newbies in trading. Overall very impressed and extremely satisfied with the course, I will and always recommend it to anyone that asks...most "web" based services are just out for your money and sorta "throw " the learning at ya and say here it is good luck, but your teaching and method takes your students through it almost like teaching your child to ride a bike. Your help on the psychology of trading was worth the price alone… you took away my fears and opened my eyes to reality as far as being a better trader.

You are there for all your students and fellow traders. WAY TO GO Lucci, thanks a million, friend for life here.

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