2023 broke a lot of traders.
The markets became more difficult and harder to trade than ever.

That’s why now is the the time to refocus, recommit, and …


This 2024, we start the year with a reinvigorated mission to help determined traders find their edge and build their resilience with…

The Final Sang Lucci
Master Course!

For the last time, our team of professional traders will come together for a life altering educational experience. Unlock your potential by changing the way you see markets AND yourself.

Get in early for a chance to win 30 minutes with Lucci!

The Master Course covers four areas which allow you to trade successfully in any market condition.

Tape Reading

You will know the feeling of unshakeable confidence when you:
  • Understand how different types of market participants move price
  • Trade alongside algos and harness the momentum they create
  • Optimize your trading precision by strategically timing your entries and exits for every trade.
  • Learn to let the tape guide you on when to cut losses or allow a winning position to run.
  • Capitalize on opportunities when smart money strategically manipulates markets, creating fakeouts and shaking out retail traders.
  • Experience the power of witnessing momentum build in real-time, eliminating the reliance on lagging indicators.
  • Supercharge your current trading methodology by incorporating tape reading.

Options Trading

The vast majority of options traders lose money. You’ll be on the other side of that trade when you understand how to:
  • Use Sang Lucci’s simplified equation for pricing an option
  • Leverage volatility, time decay, and gamma to optimize your trading strategy and gain a competitive advantage in the options market.
  • Navigate choppy markets and secure a steady income by employing effective techniques for selling options.
  • Deploy effective scalping methods to swiftly capture gains from small market moves.
  • Trade alongside options market makers intelligently to avoid getting trapped.
  • Distinguish meaningful unusual options activity from noise by focusing on specific criteria.
  • Lock in effective risk management strategies to minimize losses and protect your trading capital

Flow Trading

As pioneers in the unusual options activity and flow trading space, we know how to identify the order types that signal moves from major players that cause prices to shift:
  • Gain the ability to spot momentum ignite in a stock and take decisive action.
  • Precisely measure market sentiment and fine-tune your trades for optimized results.
  • Identify the crucial orders that matter among the noise, focusing on the small percentage that can significantly impact prices.
  • Tailor your use of flow to align with your unique trading approach, considering factors like risk tolerance, traded instruments, and holding period.
  • Master the art of understanding all the valuable information embedded in notifications from flow data providers, giving you a strategic edge in your trades.

Trading psychology

Every trader who has ever clicked buy or sell knows that emotions can ruin even the perfect strategy. We’ll show you how to get out of your own way:
  • Learn effective techniques to manage powerful emotions like fear, FOMO, and anxiety, ensuring they don’t interfere with your strategy.
  • Gain insights on how to react to both losses and big gains to maintain emotional stability and prevent impulsive decisions.
  • Acquire simple methods for connecting with the calm and logical aspects of your brain, promoting rational decision-making in the heat of trading.
  • Understand how market participants capitalize on negative emotions and discover strategies to counteract their impact.
  • Learn productive ways to sidestep common biases that often entrap traders, enhancing your overall decision-making process.
  • Engage in exercises designed to deepen your understanding of the factors driving your emotional reactions, fostering a more disciplined and resilient trading mindset.

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Self-Study SAVER
Access to recordings of more than 28 classes
Introduction to Options Class
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ALL-in trader
For the trader ready to commit and transform across over 28 classes of in-depth education
Full online class attendance access
3 months Steamroom access
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New: Gamma and 0DTE trading
New: Private small group Q&A with each educator
New: Weekly accountability group access
25% discount on future course offerings
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Trading psychology intensive: Three, 1hr sessions with our team exploring tools for performance enhancement and overcoming greatest psychological roadblocks.
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Hear from our Students

"Game Changer!" — Alex J.

"The mentoring sets this course far apart
from any other." — J.M.

"I paid for the course in two trades." — Nate B.

meet your mentors

Sang Lucci

Sang Lucci will teach you how to trade with a consistently profitable edge, and then inspire you to go out and actually do it.

As the founder and Head Trader of, Lucci has been an industry leader with his raw honesty, show-stopping transparency, and six figure trades since 2010.

He is known amongst his peers for being able to flip directions at the drop of a dime and for his unmatched read on momentum. He’s known by his students as a teacher who makes classes fly by with his energy and as a mentor who challenges them to get the most out of themselves.

He is also one of the only traders in the world teaching tape reading and how to combine it with options trading.

Ron Friedman

Ron will teach you the most essential skill set in all of trading: how to keep your seat at the table. 

Ron shows you how to use options to manage your risk and profit from markets regardless of the direction they’re heading in. 

Mentored by a former market maker and Sang Lucci himself, Ron is a master at matching the right options approach to the opportunity at hand. He brings over 30 years of market experience to the Sang Lucci Master Course.

Wall St. Jesus

The legend of Flow trading himself will teach you how to separate the signal from the noise. 

No one has spent more time watching options flow, and no one knows better what activity matters and what doesn’t. The difference is, quite simply, the difference between profitability and blown accounts. 

As a pioneer in the Flow trading space, Wall St. Jesus was one of the first people to coin a number of terms (including “sweep”). He’s been arming the public with knowledge about the activity of smart money and elite institutions for over 15 years, and has become a household name for a reason. .

chris cady

Chris Cady will teach you how to get out of your own way. 

Chris has 40 years of professional trading experience — including 5 years of training new traders for Goldman Sachs — and is one of a select group of “westerners” chosen by a school of Tibetan llamas to undergo a fourteen-year Buddhist meditation and personal development training.

That means he combines a deep understanding of what it takes to trade profitably with thousands of hours studying the human mind and emotions. 

The result is a teacher who is uniquely qualified to show you how to sort out your mental game.