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you will learn:

Professional Equities
and Options Trading

Utilize tactics for all market conditions, time horizons, and income goals. Learn advanced methods for risk management, equities and options combo plays, and specific strategies focusing on elements like vol and time decay.

Flow Trading

Transform "Wiseguy Activity" into your source of Alpha.
Ride the momentum created by institutions instead of getting crushed by it!

Tape Reading

Integrate the most advanced form of momentum analysis into your trading. Find confirmation not just on what to trade, but also HOW and WHEN to trade it.

Trading Psychology

Master the most difficult part of trading: controlling your own mind. Understand yourself as a trader and how to overcome the challenges unique to your personality, risk appetite, account size, and experience.

the sang lucci
master course includes:

20 Live Classes

(3 Nights Per Week)

Learn directly from Sang Lucci as well as Ron Friedman, Wall St. Jesus, and Chris Cady.

4 Live Tape Reading Sessions


Pull up a (digital) seat next to Sang Lucci as he reads tape, live. See what he sees and hear what he's thinking as he puts on trades.

lifetime access

join future live sessions

Take advantage of new lessons and educators, at no extra cost.

Plus these Sang Lucci and Wall St. Jesus staples

Introduction to Options


The basics of what you need to know to trade options effectively, including topics like:
  • Basic definitions and concepts
  • Puts vs. short selling
  • Choosing between weeklies and monthlies
  • Lucci's options pricing formula

Wiseguys Revealed


This in-depth video series covers everything you need to know to effectively trade based on flow, including:
  • Flow basics and misperceptions
  • Using options order flow as a form of alpha generation
  • Sweep flow strategies
  • The Sentiment read
  • The WSJ commandments for Day Trading and Swing Trading

two free months of The Steamroom


Our custom built interface puts you side by side with Wall St. Jesus, Sang Lucci, and our incredible community alongside proprietary features like:
  • Our proprietary Wiseguy orders alert feed
  • Live audio and video broadcast from Wall St. Jesus
  • Members-only webinars and post-market analysis
  • Desktop and mobile access

student testimonials

"Game Changer!" — Alex J.

"The mentoring sets this course far apart from any other." — J.M.

"I paid for the course in two trades." — Nate B.

“It was an eye opener to how to trade in the flow of the moment. Also, I have learned about tape before, but not as in depth and really broken down like it was. The tape was the main draw for me to this class, which is hard to find people teaching it, while being such an important aspect of trading.”


“Lucci dives into that world and shows you not only how to combat your inner demons with psychology and tape but shows you how to tackle the market in a way that works with the inner fibers of your being.For Lucci to wake me up from the Matrix and learn to read it through tape... now I see what was always in front of me.”

— C.R.

The next live master course starts June 6th, 2022

Live Course Curriculum


tape reading
Bringing it all together
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tape reading

  • Definition of Tape Reading
  • Refreshing Orders
  • Scanning and Analyzing Large Order Transactions
  • Trading against the machine: spotting algo activity and leveraging it to your advantage
  • Level II
  • Exchanges and Routes
  • Fakeouts
  • Time and Sales
  • Dark Pools
  • Timing: Having The Touch and Timing with the Markets
  • Bid and Ask as Related to Tape Reading
  • Tape/Price Manipulation Techniques
  • Combining Flow Trading and Wiseguy Activity


  • Basic definitions (call, put, strike price, reading an options chain, etc)
  • Supply & demand dynamics
  • Volatility
  • Scalping
  • Identifying and trading trending markets
  • Auction process
  • Sang Lucci’s equation for pricing an option
  • Puts vs. short-selling
  • Day Trading
  • Sentiment
  • Short selling
  • The underlying stock
  • In the money vs. out of the money
  • Swing Trading
  • Price action
  • Time decay
  • Weeklies vs. monthlies
  • Identifying and trading chop markets


  • Preventing over-trading
  • Avoiding distractions
  • Defending against types of manipulation
  • Manage your losses AND your winners
  • Adjusting to changing market regimes
  • Spotting fakeouts
  • Maintaining confidence
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses

bringing it all together

  • Preventing over-trading
  • Avoiding distractions
  • Defending against types of manipulation
  • Manage your losses AND your winners

master course bonus

Lucci's Options Writing Strategy

Writing options opens up enormous opportunities to generate passive income and put on smart trades in choppy market environments. It can also involve a high-degree of risk and leads to the downfall of many an amateur trader.

That's why Lucci has dedicated an entire portion of the SLMC to one of the most valuable skill sets in his trading arsenal.
You will learn:
  • How to sell cheap call/put spreads for premium gains and a high likelihood that the strikes will not hit by expiration.
  • Why betting on where a stock will NOT go is much easier than betting on where a stock WILL go.
  • How to avoid the complicated issues of timing related to options that hinder most traders.
Lucci's options writing strategy is one of the primary reasons he has become a seven-figure trader. Learn exactly what he does from the man who does it.

Trading the Post with Ron Friedman

In three additional evening classes, Ron “Ronchero” Friedman teaches you different applications of the principles and tactics you learn from Lucci.

Ron leverages his nearly 30 years of trading experience to show you how to:
  • Develop patience and let the trade come to you
  • Apply concrete position-management rules so that you don’t overextend yourself
  • Put on short-term trades to manage risk around long-term options positions
  • Customize what you’ve learned in the SLMC to the amount of time you can commit to trading
Many of our students consider Ron’s Trading the Post classes to be some of the most powerful in the entire SLMC!

meet your mentors

Sang Lucci

Anand Sanghvi, aka “Lucci”, is the founder and Head Trader of

After nearly losing his mind in the corporate world, Anand began trading at PTG Capital in 2006. He spent his first 18 months learning Tape Reading and options trading before becoming profitable.

Soon, Anand felt the need to call out the daily price manipulation and common misunderstandings he rarely saw addressed publicly by qualified professionals.

In 2010, he launched

Anand quickly discovered his passion for teaching the tactics and principles that led to his own success.

Since then, Anand has led in educating thousands of traders about Tape Reading, equities and options trading, and trading psychology.

chris cady

Chris got his start trading markets in 1980 from Walter Frank Sr., then chairman of the NYSE.

In 1984 he became a student of Victor Sperandeo, aka "Trader Vic" of Market Wizards fame, and in 1991 became a student of Peter Steidlmayer, creator of the Market Profile.

He has been a member of both New York and Chicago exchanges for over 30 years, spent 5 years training new traders for Goldman Sachs, and has had a front row seat during the market’s transition from floor to electronic trading.

Chris was also one of a select group of “westerners” chosen by a school of Tibetan llamas to undergo a fourteen year, Buddhist meditation and personal development training.

Chris is currently an independent, professional trader on the CME.

Wall St. Jesus

Son of the Market Gods, Lord of Wiseguy Activity, King of the sharp sweep… Wall St. Jesus has over 25 years experience trading the markets.

He left the sellside in 2014 to focus on his own trading and the launch of

He is a pioneer in the Flow trading space, having been the first to coin a number of terms (including “sweep”).

Wall St. Jesus’ trading community can attest to the fact that no one has done more to bring the power of flow trading and its nuances out of the realm of elite institutions and into the hands of the public.

He resides in Westhampton, NY with his family and a countless number of dogs.

Ron Friedman

Ron graduated from Western Illinois University in 1989 with a BA in Communications and Logistics, and has been actively trading the markets since the early 90’s.

Mentored by a former market maker and Sang Lucci himself, Ron’s strategies and views of the markets help options traders profit from both long-term positions and scalping/swing trading to capitalize on short-term price action.

He also instructs traders on how to adapt successful strategies to their own psychological strengths and weaknesses for maximum effectiveness. Ron is a guest educator in the Master Course and brings 30 years of options experience to traders looking for a sustainable way to trade.

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