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Have you been trading for Months
(or even Years)
and yet you often feel

LAcking in confidence

Behind the big move

Frustrated by bad entries & exits

Exhausted by self-sabotage

Uncertain and hesitant


Owned by FOMO

Unable to let your winners run

The good news is that you are not alone.
Profitable traders have hit the same roadblocks, and they’ve all turned to the same solution: reading the tape. You can too.

Tape reading Provides you with

Better Timing

Dial-in to the rhythm of the market. Execute your entries and exits with precision.


Don’t be the trader relying on lagging indicators and technical analysis.


No more chasing bad trades. No more FOMO. It’s time to let the trade come to you.


Stop getting shaken out of trades just before they move in your favor.


Actually feel how and where smart money is pushing buyers and sellers, as it’s happening.


You can read tape in any security (that goes for equities, options, futures, and crypto).

Without tape reading, the world’s most profitable traders wouldn’t exist.

In the Sang Lucci Master course you will Learn

Tape Reading

You will know the feeling of unshakeable confidence when you:
  • Understand how different types of market participants move price
  • Trade alongside algos and the momentum they create
  • Precisely time your entries and exits on every trade
  • Let the tape tell you when to cut a loss or let a winner run
  • Profit when smart money is faking and shaking out retail
  • See momentum build as it happens instead of via lagging indicators
  • Use the tape to supercharge your existing methodology

Options Trading

The vast majority of options traders lose money. You’ll be on the other side of that trade when you understand:
  • Sang Lucci’s simplified equation for pricing an option
  • How to use volatility, time decay, and gamma to your advantage
  • Techniques for selling options in choppy markets for steady income
  • Scalping methods for pulling quick gains on small moves
  • Ways to trade alongside options market makers so you don’t trapped
  • Which unusual options activity matters and which activity doesn’t (most of it doesn’t!)
  • How to lock in your risk management to keep losses to a minimum

Master Course Bonus

student testimonials

"Game Changer!" — Alex J.

"The mentoring sets this course far apart from any other." — J.M.

"I paid for the course in two trades." — Nate B.

“It was an eye opener to how to trade in the flow of the moment. Also, I have learned about tape before, but not as in depth and really broken down like it was. The tape was the main draw for me to this class, which is hard to find people teaching it, while being such an important aspect of trading.”


“Lucci dives into that world and shows you not only how to combat your inner demons with psychology and tape but shows you how to tackle the market in a way that works with the inner fibers of your being.For Lucci to wake me up from the Matrix and learn to read it through tape... now I see what was always in front of me.”

— C.R.

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meet your mentors

Sang Lucci

Sang Lucci will teach you how to trade with a consistently profitable edge, and then inspire you to go out and actually do it.

As the founder and Head Trader of Sanglucci.com, Lucci has been an industry leader with his raw honesty, show-stopping transparency, and six figure trades since 2010.

He is known amongst his peers for being able to flip directions at the drop of a dime and for his unmatched read on momentum. He’s known by his students as a teacher who makes classes fly by with his energy and as a mentor who challenges them to get the most out of themselves.

He is also one of the only traders in the world teaching tape reading and how to combine it with options trading.

Ron Friedman

Ron will teach you the most essential skill set in all of trading: how to keep your seat at the table. 

Ron shows you how to use options to manage your risk and profit from markets regardless of the direction they’re heading in. 

Mentored by a former market maker and Sang Lucci himself, Ron is a master at matching the right options approach to the opportunity at hand. He brings over 30 years of market experience to the Sang Lucci Master Course.

Wall St. Jesus

The legend of Flow trading himself will teach you how to separate the signal from the noise. 

No one has spent more time watching options flow, and no one knows better what activity matters and what doesn’t. The difference is, quite simply, the difference between profitability and blown accounts. 

As a pioneer in the Flow trading space, Wall St. Jesus was one of the first people to coin a number of terms (including “sweep”). He’s been arming the public with knowledge about the activity of smart money and elite institutions for over 15 years, and has become a household name for a reason. .

chris cady

Chris Cady will teach you how to get out of your own way. 

Chris has 40 years of professional trading experience — including 5 years of trading new traders for Goldman Sachs — and is one of a select group of “westerners” chosen by a school of Tibetan llamas to undergo a fourteen-year Buddhist meditation and personal development training.

That means he combines a deep understanding of what it takes to trade profitably with thousands of hours studying the human mind and emotions. 

The result is a teacher who is uniquely qualified to show you how to sort out your mental game.