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We will teach you

Professional Crypto Trading strategies

After covering the basics, we will take you into the advanced techniques used by professional crypto traders. Learn how to utilize spot, options, and derivative markets to take full advantage of this evolving landscape.


We break down the new scene of DeFi and how to utilize it in your trading. You will learn common mistakes to avoid as well as how to take advantage of price inefficiencies across global crypto markets. We also teach you about impermanent loss and the role it should play in your trading.

crypto futures Markets

Understand the futures markets and how to take advantage of the futures curve in your crypto trading (including both outright and perpetual futures). Learn how to use leverage to create capital efficiency in a portfolio instead of being a degenerate ape!

Crypto Options Markets

One of the most rapidly evolving parts of crypto markets also offers incredible upside. We explain how volatility works in these instruments and how to use it within your trading. You will understand how the options market is priced and what that means for your overall positioning.

the sang lucci
Crypto course includes:

34 Recorded Sections

(and Counting)

Short (15-20 minutes) videos deliver course material in digestible bites and are available 24/7.

Bi-weekly q&a modules

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Every other week, Spencer brings you the newest developments in the space and answers all of your questions to make sure you’re always up-to-speed.

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Trader Reviews

“This course is designated for people who want to learn and level up their crypto game by diversifying on trading strategies like pair trading, arbitrage, shorting shit coins, etc…
I felt like if I was at the Tradespace office learning with Lucci and Spence. This Beginner course starts from what is a Blockchain, how to interact with it, how to use a Web3wallet, what are the different types of exchanges, how not to get hacked, how to set up an account on Binance, the pros and cons of trading on a DEX vs. a CEX, and a whole lot more. Later on the course, Lucci and Spence get to the more complex strategies like the pair trading which was my favorite strategy. To wrap it up, this is the leading crypto course there is, taught by 2 pro traders with a deep deep understanding on the topic, 10 out of 10 on the content and the input each trader gave. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

— Adrian M.

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Course Curriculum


Intro to Crypto
Futures Markets
DeFi Markets
Bringing it all together
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Intro to Crypto

  • Basics of managing your wallet and navigating exchanges
  • Tokenomics
  • Navigating the crypto ecosystem
  • Pairs trading
  • Intro into Dexes

Crypto derivatives

  • Options pricing and volatility
  • Using options for position management
  • Contango and backwardation
  • Perpetual futures contracts
  • Sentiment
  • Tape

DeFi Markets

  • How to use DeFi
  • Impermanent Loss
  • Liquidators
  • Protocol solvency

bringing it all together

  • Utilizing all sectors of crypto to make trading decisions
  • Recognizing inflows and outflows
  • Arbitrage strategies
  • Futures strategies
  • Capital efficiency

meet your mentors

Spencer Riegle

Spencer Riegle is the resident crypto trading expert at Sang Lucci Trading. He has actively traded crypto markets for 6 years, including leading the development of crypto trading strategies for the arm of Sang Lucci's hedge fund.

Spencer's development has been fueled by his refusal to take "no" for an answer and his endless curiosity about this constantly evolving space.

He currently trades crypto derivatives discretionarily while also consulting to a proprietary trading group to build automated systems in the crypto futures markets. His consulting work brings him into FTX, Deribit, Delta, CME, OTC, and Binance markets on a daily basis, and he actively participates in DeFi markets as well.

Sang Lucci

Anand Sanghvi, aka “Lucci”, is the founder and Head Trader of

After nearly losing his mind in the corporate world, Anand began trading at PTG Capital in 2006. He spent his first 18 months learning Tape Reading and options trading before becoming profitable.

Soon, Anand felt the need to call out the daily price manipulation and common misunderstandings he rarely saw addressed publicly by qualified professionals.

In 2010, he launched

Anand quickly discovered his passion for teaching the tactics and principles that led to his own success.

Since then, Anand has led in educating thousands of traders about Tape Reading, equities and options trading, and trading psychology.

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